Bohemian : A Person Who Lives an Unconventional Life

JEN-FACE-BEACH-SUNGLASSESHi there. I’m Jen, Branding and Creative Strategist for Impassioned Femalepreneurs. You can call me Jenny if you like.

Bohemian Branding helps entrepreneurs create an online presence and build a website that reflects their business brand.

I spent my early childhood drawing and painting, designing and creating.  From a very young age I was able to visualize and bring my imagination to life in some way.

Like so many creative people though, the reality was I had to focus on other things in school and learn the basics for getting by in the world… All dreams for a creative career were slowly squashed by teachers and parents (who most likely meant well).

So, I went on to a few careers…  some I really enjoyed and others allowed me a wee bit of creativity and still others that I just existed in.   At various times I managed people, projects, or offices.  I assisted passengers and clients, and customers, and tenants.

Several years ago I started designing jewelry and although I still enjoyed painting once in a while, I finally found my creative mojo and I was doing something I loved again.

I realized I needed a website and decided to try to design it for myself and here I am… several years later and I am still creating websites.

I had to put fear, obstacles and excuses aside and just do it.  Now it’s your turn!

So here I am:  Designer, Photographer, Creator, Strategist and Business Owner, with overwhelming adoration for my daughter,  a passion for Paris and Portugal, and love for my little cat, Monkey… I am happier than I’ve ever been!

Oh, and how did I come up with Bohemian Branding?

~ Bohemian because I live an unconventional life.   In fact, my old blog is called Bohemian Kiss…

~ Branding because I cannot deliver ‘just’ a logo or website, it goes much deeper than that, and I love to help women discover what that is!

I believe in putting the ‘horse before the cart’.

Before I start working on a logo or a website, I believe you really need to know;
‘Why’ you do what you are doing.
‘Who’ you are doing it for.
‘What’ you are offering.
‘How’ you are going to go about sharing your business .

I want to see my clients Stand Out.  I want them to feel excited about what we’ve created together.


“You’ve only got one life.

You can’t just sit around waiting for your next life to start”.