Bohemian : A Person Who Lives an Unconventional Life

JEN-FACE-BEACH-SUNGLASSESHi there. I’m Jen Shea,  creative designer behind Bohemian Branding.  You can call me Jenny if you like.

Bohemian Branding helps entrepreneurs create an online presence and build a website that reflects their business brand.

A little bit about me.  I plan to work while I see the world, a dream that had long been deferred. Like many women, I put off my dream to travel in order to get married and start a family, but with my daughter all grown up now it was time to get back to it.   Besides building beautiful brands with amazing clients, I want to inspire other women.  I had to put fear, obstacles and excuses aside and just do it.  Now it’s your turn!

So here I am:  Designer, Photographer, Creator and Business Owner, with overwhelming love for my daughter,  a passion for Paris and my little cat… and Happier than I’ve ever been!

Oh, and how did I come up with Bohemian Brand?  Easy, I’ve always been called a Gypsy because I love to be on the move and live in different places.  My old blog is called Bohemian Kiss…  So, when looking for a business name, I didn’t have to look far at all!

If you are interest in learning more (personal stuff) then read on here…


“You’ve only got one life.

You can’t just sit around waiting for your next life to start”.