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You know you need a Logo & You know you need a Website!

You may have even thought that was all you needed to make your mark on the world…

What you didn’t think about was Branding.

Now you realize how wrong you were!


Confused because you don’t know where to start?

Maybe you designed your own website, or paid someone a few dollars to do it for you…

Your visitors don’t seem to engage.  No one is clicking on the Contact Page or signing up for your free giveaway?

You ‘like’ the logo you have, but  you aren’t in love with it… It just doesn’t feel like you?

None of this feels like you.   In fact, I’m guessing you may have shed a few tears.


Let’s end your frustration. 

Let’s build you a beautiful brand that sticks. 

One that you are proud of and one that your future clients will recognize.  


Branding starts from the inside-out.


The most common mistake most people make when they are starting out is focusing on finding a logo designer and then a website.


There is so much more to your brand than just ‘what it looks like’. 



You need to know Your ‘Why’ and your ideal client‘s ‘What’ before you can start.


I work with clients to help them dig deep and discover why they’ve decided create their business, what really drives their passion and I help them fine-tune in order to discover who their ‘Ideal Client’ is. 


Once we’ve created that ideal customer Avatar, developed a memorable brand story and once the foundation is built, we set to work on making the visual aspect worthy and make it look beautiful! 

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